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b. 1983, Tokyo, Japan; lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

AKI INOMATA is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tokyo. Her work addresses identity and displacement and questions societal boundaries. Whether these are between humans and animals, the natural versus the man-made, or man and machine, much of her artistic practice intends to blur these boundaries and hold the viewer in their interstice. The works may take the form of print, 3D scanning or sculpture, designed artefacts and consumables, and in each instance, a collaborative interspecies relationship is modelled as a possible new way to live or glean understanding. INOMATA's cross-disciplinary bio-art projects complicate the idea of normative production values and techniques while proposing a new awareness of human and nonhuman ecologies.

AKI INOMATA's recent projects include APERTO16 AKI INOMATA Acting Shells, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2022); How to Curve a Sculpture, Contemporary Art Foundation, Tokyo (2021); So Close/So Far, Hycp Veddel-Space, Hamburg (2021); AKI INOMATA solo exhibition, Tamagawa Takashimaya, GRAND PATIO Library&Art, Tokyo (2021); Broken Nature, MoMA, New York (2020); Why Not Hand Over "Shelter" to Hermit Crabs?, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo (2020); AKI INOMATA; Why Not Hand Over "Shelter" to Hermit Crabs?, Musée d'arts de Nantes, France (2018); and Solaé Art Gallery Project vol.1, Tokyo electron, Tokyo (2015).

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