Akeroyd Collection


Tao Hui, Being Wild (奔放), 2021

In Being Wild, we follow a young woman through the streets of multiple and divergent locations in China. Rolling through the streets on roller skates at different times of day, she talks directly to camera and acts as both the protagonist and the narrator of the film. As we follow her through a college town, an old paper mill, a film studio and a central business district, this enigmatic yet personable figure sings songs from the 1980s by Taiwanese folk singers such as Tai Zhao-Mei, and Wang Hai-Ling. The melancholy lyrics echo the mood of the film and the ambient soundtrack that is otherwise playing. The script, composed by Tao Hui, offers a familiar, nostalgic yearning until the protagonist abruptly breaks down towards the end of the film, revealing an emotional sincerity that reflects and laments a period that is at once desperate and hopeful. The roller skates add a sense of continual motion both physically and metaphorically and perhaps even suggest the speed at which change occurs. It is ambiguous as to whether this is a good or bad thing but clear these landscapes are undoubtedly mapped by the people that move through them. While watching this lone skater contend with empty environments, we are left to poignantly consider friendships, human connection, solidarities, and community

MediumSingle-channel HD video, colour, with sound
Duration12 minutes 3 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs