Akeroyd Collection


Sondra Perry, Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera I & II, 2013

In Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera II we see 2 films simultaneously. Each HD video features a person, in a white room, strangely perceptible as a dancing figure as their own physicality is eroded/masked via digital manipulations. The performers, performance and visual artists - Danny Giles and Joiri Minaya -- pulsate and thrash their bodies into an intensely chaotic dance. Set against total silence, the movement appears untethered from a particular rhythm. The performers themselves are mainly seen through the movement of their hair. The torso, limbs, hands, and feet are continually transformed. Their sheer exuberance is the only thing holding up their own legibility. While the technology tries to neutralize and vanish them, they become strangely, perhaps paradoxically, more evident and powerfully present than they otherwise might have been.

Medium2-channel video installation, loop, colour, silent, Performed by Danny Giles & Joiri Minaya
Duration9 minutes 45 seconds
Editionof 5