Akeroyd Collection


Adam Chodzko, Flasher, 1996

Flasher (1996) exists residually as a ‘contract’ which refers to an ongoing series of visual interventions where a one-minute video made by Chodzko is recorded onto the end of a VHS film rented from a video store local to the exhibiting venue or an individual. The video in question is then returned to that same store. Specific wording that describes the project is taken from the artist's website as follows: ‘I’ve recorded some video footage – a Flasher – onto the end of a feature film that I rented from a video shop not far from here. I then returned the tape to the video store so that the next person to hire the film might leave it running, and so could discover my signal. There are now lots of different Flashers in circulation, inadvertently distributed through video shops around the world. I only record onto the section of surplus black tape that doesn’t carry any image, a few seconds after the credits finish. I film footage of marine red distress-signal flares, which illuminate a dark environment for about 60 seconds. So, this secretes an intensely bright sequence into that black space; and when the flare burns out, the tape returns to darkness’. The Flashers became a series of 27 x different Flasher events, recorded at different international locations between 1996-2006, and were distributed across video stores in the UK, and also internationally, including Belgium, Atlanta USA, Turin, and Athens.