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TJ Wilcox, Fergus, 2017

Fergus is an arrestingly intimate portrait of the British chef and restaurateur Fergus Henderson. The film unfolds as a sequence of views of Henderson in the Scottish Isle of Tiree, an island he has returned to throughout his life, and in London, at his celebrated restaurant St. John; as he recalls the memories and great loves of his life. Footage cuts between interviews with Henderson in these various locations, and super-8 film footage of holidays with his partner, friends and family. Fergus Henderson’s love of all things gastronomic, and his infectious, eccentric capacity to describe it is made palpable. In telling Henderson’s own personal story, it becomes clear that every facet of his life has been inextricably linked to food. His unwavering love of the humble act of eating and the importance he gives it, reveals more than the chef's obsession. It reveals a candid account of love, illness, and a philosophy of life itself.

As the film shifts between ‘archival’ sequences, incidental reportage of his restaurants where people gather around tables, and the candid conversations between the filmmaker and his subject, we are drawn ever closer into Fergus Henderson’s world. Here, nature, friends, sustenance and pleasure are the central tenets to observe for a good life. All of which can be gleaned through a humble relation to food.

MediumUHD digital video
Duration18 minutes 17 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs