Akeroyd Collection


Yu Ji, PASSAGE, 2017

Yu Ji’s PASSAGE is a multi-channel video work that presents a pair of tracking shots of both architectural and natural details of pre-Haussmann Paris. In a combination of black and white and colour footage, these close-cropped studies locate the viewer in working, industrial spaces. Further footage shows workers building support structures for what we understand to be her site-specific sculpture. The images offer evocative scenes of ironworks, glass, period-specific architectural detailing, and fixtures. But we also see less identifiable objects that are curious and at odds with the industrial scenes they accompany. We see suspended forms within trees and architecture that appear to be excreting a resin-like substance. They are somehow bodily and visceral, wet, and organic which sits in contrast to the hard architectural forms that dominate the work. The videos, together, guide viewers through a feeling of fragility and simplicity where the relationship between human beings, materials and nature is made apparent from a distance. We are at once close to the detail, yet far from a sense of coherence in meaning. We experience a tension between the subjective and objective, the distant observer, and the complicit voyeur.

Medium2-channel HD video
Duration11 minutes 22 seconds
Editionof 4