Akeroyd Collection


Peter Fischli & Davis Weiss, Hunde (Dogs), 2003

Hunde (Dogs) (2003) as with other works like Büsi (Kitty) (2001), for example, draw our attention to seemingly innocuous moments of life that might otherwise be overlooked. In Dogs specifically, three dogs whimper and bark behind a fence trying to get out. In their faces and actions, we sense there is something on our side of the fence – the viewers' side – that they need to reach. Possibly it is the camera, maybe it is us. Similarly, in Büsi, a cat silently drinks from a bowl of milk. But in this instance, Dogs lasts for 30 minutes and in that duration, we are somehow forced to find meaning in an apparently trivial situation which encourages us to establish a new relationship with time. We can train our attention to this work in a way that may not be the case should we be confronted with barking dogs in real life. Dogs, like much of Fischli and Weiss’s similar video works, draw our attention to the aesthetics and affective registers of the mundane in an attempt to discover something profound and perhaps even beautiful that so frequently lies hidden in our immediate environment.

Duration30 minutes, looped
Editionof 100