Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, tappi-kishida, 2003

The static camera peers squarely down a snow-covered road toward the crest of a small hill. The camera is out of focus or perhaps frozen from the cold air. On the left-hand side, telegraph poles line the street. On the right, a barrier to prevent cars from skidding off the road. Almost imperceptible activities occur. Something that may be a bug, close to the lens flutters across the screen, out of focus it could be some detritus at ground level blowing in the wind. A fine mist of snow drift billows towards us occasionally, or is it fog or low cloud cover? These things are hard to decipher but are indisputably present and active in the frame. At one point some flashing lights appear faintly. Are these natural phenomena in the landscape? A supernatural occurrence? Or are they technical glitches with the film stock? Are we seeing the material conditions of the work and a disruption to its form, or is this an event in the world, captured by this silent documentary device as the content of the work? We are witnesses to these unfolding events regardless.

Duration8 minutes 47 seconds